Sitting too much is the new smoking?

Probably true. Maybe this isn’t new but hearing it put that way today while I was at my yoga class made me think about how much time I spend sitting. Luckily, I am not at a job where I have to sit all day, and even when I was working in the lab, you were always up and down, moving constantly. Other jobs included chambermaid for a hotel in Banff (cleaning, making beds), gas attendant and cashier (standing and walking back and forth, stocking shelves), shooter girl (thank god that one was short lived – never got to sit), teaching fitness classes ( well that’s obvious), and now my full time job would be taking care of my Benny (lifting often – this will change with the new house) and painting. I tend to stand when I paint or airbrush, unless i’m doing watercolour. During the day I am not one to sit around but come evening you can find me quite happily cozy on the couch with a book or my laptop, and most likely some kind of snack:)

Today is no different. Right now – cozy on the couch with the ol’ laptop. No snack though….yet. But earlier today I was active. The day started by taking Ben swimming at the H2O for a couple of hours, followed by a good sweaty yoga class (in which handstands happened), and then this afternoon I did a few rounds of circuit training at home. Now I sit, feeling the muscles that are tired from more movement in one day than I have been doing in awhile…. felt good tho, while it was happening.

Booked in on Wednesday for Physio (I’ve got a hip flexor tendonitis or some crazy thing happening that I need to attend to). It has been irritating me for 6 months probably but I just kept putting it off thinking I would heal myself on my own… ha! That doesn’t tend to happen so much anymore…. i’m looking forward to the pleasurable pain that kneading and digging into my hip will bring….

I never have smoked, darn it and now I can’t sit.


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  • Brenda

    Enjoyed your article!  Yes, I sit all day at my job and only get up to get a client or escort them out of my office, otherwise sit all day in front of a computer.  My hip flexor are often really tight and my massage therapist is always telling me to stretch and exercise.  So, I better get my but back to the gym before I start walking like an 80 year old…

and….we’re back

just like that….. a new year, new hopes, new aspirations, another trip around the sun.

I had the most wonderful couple of weeks off from my usual routine. I went to yoga only twice. I might have gone to the gym once. I indulged without guilt. I lounged when I wanted to. I SLEPT IN. I drank SO MUCH coffee (with CREAM!). I thought about drawing, but never actually drew. I read. I watched Netflix… yes I did….and quite alot of it, I might add. I shovelled alot of snow, and enjoyed the satisfaction it gave me and the wonderful fresh air in my lungs. I visited, ate and drank with friends, neighbours, family. I went on a hay ride. I went for walks while it bucketed down with snow. I never stepped foot into a store to shop boxing day sales. It was good. It was needed.

Today, I have jumped back in. The kids up and ready for school, already a couple of errands under my belt. Off to yoga in a little while and some groceries to grab. Thoughts on a healthy dinner including something green. A to-do list made up for the week, mostly full already. It’s no wonder we need a good break from it all at the end of the year. Perhaps finding the same kind of break throughout the year might be a good idea….. hmmmmm. 

I jumped back into sketching last night and while the grammys were on, I listened. I had to stop and pay full attention when Oprah gave her speech… how could you NOT? Powerful. True. Words.

Here’s to our world in 2018….. more peace, more love, more understanding.


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these are a few of my favourite things…….

With Christmas on the way, thoughts come to mind of what I will buy for those on my list this year. I try to give a lot of thought to the gifts I give, and often think about the things that I love, and I assume that others will love them too….. of course, I know this isn’t always the case, but ………

I’ve found a few local (and Canadian made) products that I love and thought I’d put them here. The first of my favourite things are these slippers. Over the years I have bought many pairs as gifts and also for myself. I am wearing them right now, as I write this post. They are made by a lady here in Kelowna and sold at Mission Cleaners in the Mission Park Mall.  They are like slippers your grandma might have made you when you were small but better, somehow…(sorry Grandma….actually I don’t remember my Grandma knitting me slippers, but blankets I do remember…..) Anyhoooo, they are great because they stay on well, and they are thick and cozy, and well, I just love them. Can’t explain it. If you’re a homemade slipper fan, check these out. If you don’t like them for yourself, or a friend, I’m a size 12 (a size 7 in slippers apparently).




So, on to number two. Last weekend, some friends got together for Christmas drinks and we exchanged a few little goodies. All of the things I received were awesome, of course, but this little thing was meant to come into my life.  They are made by a little Canadian business run by a family in the town of Peace River, Alberta, called “Washdolly” . They are wonderfully soft cloths designed to remove your make-up with ease. And the best part is…they work!  I, for one, have never been good at removing my make-up every night, and I hate using cold, oily make-up pads, and soap and water leaves my skin feeling dry. All you do with these washdollies is wet with warm water and wipe. They are lovely. Throw ’em in the wash with your regular laundry and walla….. ready for use again. Thank you, Shauna, for finding these…..I now can take my make-up off faithfully (only decades after I started wearing it….sigh) These would make a great gift for your teenage daughter instead of spending a zillion dollars on wipes, right? That’s what I’m thinking….. oh, and The Beauty Bar here in Kelowna sells ’em.


Number three favourite thing……local artists pottery. I met a lovely artist named Selena Sced who has just opened up a little shared studio space from which she works, called Grey Sage Studio (find her here: Grey Sage Studio). I am a lover of pottery, and especially mugs. I have 1400 mugs. Ha, no, not really, but I’m well on my way…… I am at the point where, if I want to buy another mug, my first thought is where am I going to hide it from Gary? Yes, he doesn’t quite share my same passion but he did once have a thing for napkins, and luggage…….. I’m ok, right? I don’t know what it is about mugs that I love….. the way they feel in your hand when having coffee, the endless designs and colours that could be used…..I really want to try designing on a mug one day….. Gary would probably leave me if I decided to try making pottery ( why not just another hobby??), so I won’t go that far, but perhaps one day i will try painting on a mug….I feel it coming……



Just a couple more favourite things before I end this post. Local Art. I have a couple of pieces of local art. I might loosely call myself an aesthete, as I have always had a love toward the beauty of art, music, etc  and as I have begun to do more art, I am beginning to appreciate the time and effort put into making it. Gary and I have decided that when we build our new house, we will fill it with art from local artists, as there are soooooooo many here in the Okanagan. These are the first of those that will hang in our new house (I know, the hole isn’t even dug yet). I could not resist buying them, and they are only small, so will fit anywhere. They were done by printmaker/watercolour artist Wayne Wilson.  He also shares space at the Grey Sage Studio. And he’s a nice guy. So check out that space if you are an art lover, as there are two other talented gals working and selling out of that space as well.




Last but certainly not the end of my many favourite things is this Aromatherapy Eye Pillow from Warm Buddy. These are made in Canada and you can buy them here in Kelowna at Green and Bear It in the Mission. I have one, have gifted many, and love them. They smell great, and are great for blocking out that early morning sunshine when you are trying to get a few more zzzzz’s (or even that afternoon light when you might be trying to nap) If you are lucky enough to get naps. If you are, I am a little jealous…. not a napper, but I wish I was…… I feel that coming too…..


Ok, folks, That’s it for now…. gotta get wrapping…….. enjoy the crazy busy bustling excitement of pre Christmas!



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