The Art of Collecting Happy

Collecting Happy (the name of my blog) is a term i use to describe the collection of moments that bring me joy. By nourishing my creative bones, i  have become more content, more at peace, less afraid to take risks, and even more willing to fail.

Maybe we all start out as artists, whether we intend to or not; as children, we can’t help ourselves. But as we grow, what we do with our creative sides shapes us.

I am fortunate to have reconnected with my creative side, along with having the time and support to delve into learning, imagining and creating again. I am collecting “happy” when i am sketching, painting, photographing, or playing my guitar.

For the most part, I am a self taught artist- a committed student, learning as i go. I toggle between mediums, but my subject matter is largely consistent – faces and figures, simple lines and palettes with a feminine influence. I am intrigued by the beauty of an emotion. By capturing that emotion, you say it all without saying a thing. If you can relate to that emotion, you can relate to my artwork.

Our lives are a journey full of lessons.  I have come to realize the importance of finding happiness within.  I am learning more each day about my strengths, my shortcomings and how to live a full life. I am learning not to worry so much, to take more chances, and to dream bigger. I am trying to be more positive, a better role model for my daughter, a good wife, daughter, sister and friend. At the end of my life,  these are the things that will have mattered to me. This blog shares my journey, one we are all on. I hope you find something here to keep you coming back.

A good life is a collection
of happy moments
– Denis Waitley